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NovaKamp and its affiliated companies (Kapi, Novae, eV-Teknology, Kamp Alliance, Tecnizy, AGME and TCJK) operate in the energy and infrastructure sector. We design and integrate smart off-grid energies and critical services for remote sites : from energy production, transformation and distribution, to mobile water treatment units, or waste treatment.

The NovaKamp Group handle logistics, spare parts management and all major maintenance, revamping and retrofit operations.
Tailored services adapted to the context of use (dust, altitude, high temperatures, etc.). We deploy our people and mobile solutions around the world, in the field, as close as possible to the users.

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Thus, providing long time and field-proven expertise, NovaKamp brings innovative equipment and competences, to lower fuel costs, improve camp autonomy and support the backbone resilience of your basecamp.
Indeed, we designed a solution where the energy-hungry camp and operations devices, and power generation mix, is built around a backbone providing extended autonomy, maximised autarcy, cost reduction and quality output even in degraded mode.

logo Kapi Koncept

Kapi Koncept

Design, installation and operation of power plants, water treatment units and “smart” bungalows.

logo Novae


Design, installation and operation of electricity transformation and distribution circuits – high/low currents.

logo eV-Tek


Design and manufacture of generating sets for complex projects.

logo Tecnizy GCAT


Human Capital partner of major Infrastructure and Construction projects in France and abroad.

logo Kamp Alliance

Kamp Alliance

Integration of living quarters solutions.


Engineering, installation design and maintenance of generators.


High/low current installation in the tertiary sector in Ile-de-France.

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