Alert Procedure

Allegations will be handled on condition of anonymity.

Any staff member or Group stakeholder who thinks they have been the victim of criminal acts is invited to raise the complaint escalation procedure or alert procedure. An investigation will then be initiated immediately.

Example of criminal acts: moral and sexual harassment, violence at work, actions contrary to the Group’s commitments in terms of intellectual property, information security, the fight against corruption, respect for human rights and the fight against discrimination .

Dedicated communication line

Any employee can report detailed information internally through the company’s post office box, by direct e-mail to Management and/or Human Resources managers and through this alert procedure.

Any stakeholder in a Group subsidiary can report detailed information through this alert procedure.

Guarantee of anonymity

Allegations will be handled on condition of anonymity.

No retaliation

As soon as the employee presents elements which make it possible to presume that he related, in good faith, facts likely to receive a criminal criminal qualification, no threat of reprisals can be initiated against the latter.

Similarly, when a stakeholder presents elements allowing it to be presumed that its actions were based on good faith, no threat of reprisals can be initiated.